Strategies to Improve Surveillance for COVID-19 (GUIDANCE FOR STATES)
COVID-19 response Mid-Action Review strategic directions
Guidelines for Schools and Learning Facilities Reopening after COVID-19 Pandemic Closures
Interim Guidelines for Home Care of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
Guidelines for Conducting Elections During the Covid-19 Outbreak in Nigeria
Advisory for Vulnerable Groups
FAQs on Diagnostics
Tool kit for Opening religious gatherings
Update on Clarification on Flight Restriction into Nigeria Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Guideline on Self-Isolation
Enforcement of COVID-19 Regulation: Operational Guidelinesfor the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria
COVID-19 Guidelines on Re-opening Places of Worship
Recommendation on NCDs Messaging during COVID-19
COVID-19 Response: Revised Quarantine Protocol General Information for Persons Arriving in Nigeria From any Country (Including Returnees/Stranded Nigerians)
Press Release: 100 Days of Nigeria's COVID-19 Response
Guidelines for Safe Transportation of Remains of Persons Suspected or Confirmed to have Died of COVID-19
National Interim Guidelines for Clinical Management of COVID-19 v4
Guidance for Private Sector Medical Laboratories that Seek to Provide Testing through Completely Private Arrangements
COVID-19 Laboratory Line List Reporting Form
FAQs on COVID-19 Diagnostics
Integration of Private Sector Laboratories in National COVID-19 Response
Guidelines for Employers and Businesses in Nigeria
Case Definitions for Coronavirus Disease
Implementation guidelines for the containment of COVID-19
DIY Cloth Face Mask
Advisory on Use of Cloth Face Masks
Guidelines for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers
Guidelines for the Management Of Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers
Parenting Tips
National Strategy to Scale Up Access to Coronavirus Disease Testing in Nigeria
Advisory on the Use of Masks by Members of the Public without Respiratory Symptoms
Interim Guidelines for the Safe Management of a Dead Body in the Context of COVID-19
Rational Use of Personal Protective Equipment in the Care of COVID-19 Cases
Guideline on Social Distancing
National Strategy to Scale Up Access to Coronavirus Disease Testing in Nigeria

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